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"It's the dream place to live," he added. There's one neighborhood in Hawaii, above all the other magical places, that never
We can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves. Macniven says they'll bring the same adventurous spirit in the video
That's because last week, Hawaii welcomed the biggest swell of the winter season thus far. The 40-foot waves at Waimea Bay
Stunning. According to Hinkle, the mercury never reached above 10 degrees throughout the entire filming period. Thanks to
In order to stay afloat when sliding into deeper waters, skimboarders keep their flat boards at a slight angle and move precisely
You might want to avoid this post if you're scared of heights. Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya, Thailand Baha'i Gardens Haifa
"Christ the Redeemer" in Rio de Janeiro. "They can record immersive footage that takes viewers for a ride through environments
But don't let Bridges' shark sighting add to your irrational fear of sharks. With underwater cameras and camera-clad drones
The pod -- including an adorable and extra ambitious calf -- chose this past Saturday to show off their magnificence, and
Drones have helped capture some of the Internet's most incredible videos, but we think this one might go down as the sweetest