The late night talk show promises to throw a huge "dropout party" that will include balloons, music and any cake the candidate wants, unless it's red velvet.
Preventing girls from dropping out is not a simple task. It requires concerted efforts from different stakeholders with appropriate resources to win the battle for girls' education. When resources are unavailable or removed from the school, then girls like Kong pay the price.
In 1984, as a Malaysian school dropout, the fifth of twelve children, I was humiliated because I couldn't afford milk for my own two children. This caused a very strong sadness in my heart, but that year I learned about positive thinking and mind science.
Youth voice has always been vital to social and political change in America. From the civil rights marches in Selma that we remember this month to recent presidential elections, youth voice has the power to change the course of the nation.
Ten year old Piero ( imaginary name) wakes up every morning at six a.m. He washes his hands and face, brushes his teeth, combs his hair, gets dressed and rushes down the stairs.
Across the country it's back to school time. I hope it is a year full of promise and not disappointment and added stress for all children -- especially those most vulnerable. I also hope this school year begins with a renewed commitment to help every child succeed.
You don't have to be mad or disappointed. Schools are doing the best they can with the resources they have for as many students
How can a country successfully move its young people from education to employment? What are the challenges? Which interventions
Unemployment rates for America's young adults have spiked, but college graduates maintain an advantage. Seven percent of
By the time she arrived in Kenya, between her freshman and sophomore years at Princeton, Eden Full had already done the kind of hands-on work that can make a smart, ambitious student wonder whether getting a college degree is all that necessary.