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An estimated 93 percent of meth addicts relapse, but a new study offers some hope.
One-hundred-seventy-six civilians were killed by police in January and February, according to news clippings collected by killedbypolice.net. Of course, the greatest outrage of all is that no one really knows how many people are killed by police annually.
In January, Christie, 52, formed a political action committee ahead of a potential bid for president in 2016, where he would
"Addict'" is one of those words that so many of us use, largely without pausing to wonder if we should. We just take for granted that it's totally OK to describe a human being with one word, "addict" -- a word with overwhelmingly negative connotations to many people.
Should there by financial incentives for drug addicts to get vasectomies or tubal ligation? Or to use birth control until
Should there by financial incentives for drug addicts to get vasectomies? It sounds like a dehumanizing approach to a serious problem, but a non-profit is doing just that...paying thousands of dollars to addicts to not have kids. Guest Barbara Harris joins to discuss.
That addiction is a disease means that we can do something about it, to prevent it, to treat it and take responsibility to self-manage it. David Sheff captures this eloquently in his book, and I work each day to spread the message that successful treatment and recovery are possible.
James Garza, recovering meth addict, talks with HuffPost Live host Catherine Day about his methamphetamine addiction and recovery.
“This is an early-stage study, but its results are comparable to those for other drug vaccines that have gone to clinical
Barbara Harris is the founder and head of Project Prevention, which pays U.S. drug addicts $300 to be sterilized or treated
A US charity is offering drug and alcohol addicts in the UK cash to be sterilised as part of a controversial scheme to prevent
If there was ever a shining example of why you should Move Your Money from Wall Street, legalized loan sharking is a good one.
Joanna Nana Loiselle, a ferociously vivacious blonde whose eyes change color from green to blue to hazel with her outfits and her moods, is the one constant on the menu at Telly's Taverna.
Gary Rivlan notes in his book, Broke USA, "the working poor have become big business." You wouldn't think that poor people would be a growth market, but businesses make big money off people who live paycheck to paycheck.
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Providing housing for chronic alcoholics, who are still drinking, can save taxpayers more than $40,000 annually, per alcoholic, according to the study released this week.