Drug Courts

When the treatment center asked the officer to stop, he conspired to have its contract severed, a lawsuit claims.
The U.S.-led war on drugs and U.S.-shaped international drug policies are being scrutinized and debated this month by governments from around the globe as the world's countries prepare to gather in mid-April for the United Nations General Assembly Special Session.
We all need to focuses on effectively treating the underlying illness of addiction. There is no magic medication, no single treatment strategy which is 100% effective. Every approach must take into account the individual and relevant factors which exist in the community.
As the pioneer of the first Mental Health Court in the United States and longtime member of the Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention, all public-private health systems should make suicide prevention a core component. This includes prioritizing education, awareness, treatment and community engagement
The group didn't want HHS to increase prescriptions for buprenorphine.
"It's taken so long for this commonsense decision to be made."
Labeling drug court participants as addicts and forcing drug treatment on those who are not addicted because they were caught with drugs continues to misuse treatment resources. Legislators cannot use drug treatment courts as a way to address this growing public health issue.
The state currently bars medication-assisted treatments for addicts in its drug courts. State judges order defendants off
Why are drug courts denying heroin addicts the medicine they need? Read more on Slate
A spokesman for the Office of National Drug Control Policy, elaborating on Botticelli’s initiative, said that applicants
This emphasis on reform and rehabilitation rather than simply incarceration -- the Justice Department's traditional approach
Assuming you believe that Hoffman got his final hit from Vineberg -- who can believe that if Vineberg wasn't around, Hoffman wouldn't have found drugs elsewhere? What is the point of locking him up, deporting him, and saddling him with a criminal record?
For decades, "tough on crime" policies contributed to the explosive growth of the prison population -- and the amount of money we spend on locking people up.
Damaging cuts caused by sequestration have placed real obstacles in the way of ensuring full support for services and programs that expand prevention, treatment and smart-on-crime initiatives that represent a 21st century approach to drug policy. But there is good news...
Still, few other prosecutors in the country approach their jobs the way Gill does. Since being elected district attorney
No mother should have to face what I've had to -- the death of a promising and cherished son. We need to hold drug courts accountable to protect everyone who needs them. No one should face punishment for seeking lifesaving treatment.
Some think drug courts are the utopian answer to both drug use problems and over-incarceration. Drug courts are part of a kinder, gentler drug war. Mind your manners, pass clean urine screenings, and everyone wins. The reality is much different.