drug decriminalization

The city could become the first to ease up on psilocybin mushroom use.
If we truly want to respect crime victims, we need to raise two key issues that the Office for Victims of Crime avoids: how so many crime victims become perpetrators, and how we can prevent future crime by changing our policies.
"Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did."
"This is a big win for medical marijuana patients and their providers."
A spokesman said the briefing paper that circulated Monday is "neither a final nor formal document."
Innovative drug policies being practiced around the world are keeping people out of prison, getting help for those who need it, reducing HIV, crime and overdose deaths. To truly treat drug use as a health issue and end our country's unwinnable war, we need to implement three proven strategies.
Cardoso said there were "experiments going well around the world," including the United States. "We have experiences in Portugal
Ball added that "there is increasing interest in applying such flexibility in the interpretation of the Convention on public
Gray has also scuffled with Harris over the issue, telling him on Twitter last month to butt out of D.C.'s affairs. Some
Most sitting world leaders aren't ready to call for marijuana legalization yet -- but they may be inching there, as a discussion Thursday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, showed.
Annan and Cardoso have delivered a devastating critique on the failed war on drugs and are calling on governments to adopt more humane and effective ways of controlling and regulating drugs.
"I am saying that people who encourage others to take drugs by selling them are criminals, and their actions should be tackled
Holder's remarks were unprecedented. No previous attorney general has even suggested that our drug policies might be wrong, let alone racist. The question before me is whether Holder's proposals amount to the needed radical change?
The marijuana reform movement has broken through as a legitimate political and cultural force. We're at a tipping point where it's starting to feel like marijuana legalization is no longer a question of if -- but when. But what about the other drugs?
Why did you want to write the book? What is the norm within the fields of pharmacology and neuroscience -- do people talk
“Implementation of this new law by public health and law enforcement officials is critical to improving public willingness