drug dependency

The Huffington Post talked with Jeb Bush on the campaign trail about his daughter's struggle with addiction.
You don't have to wait for them to hit 'rock bottom.'
How has the public taken to your blog? Leigh spoke to Van Winkle's about her personal struggles and daily efforts to help
Incarceration is not the answer. Pregnant women with substance use disorders need to be identified early in their pregnancies and offered treatment.
Kelly called for additional research to assess the public's changing attitudes toward marijuana and to reduce misconceptions
Drug dependency is a chronic, relapsing disease that must be dealt with as a core element of public health policy.
Americans are being busted for marijuana and are being forced to choose between rehab or jail. It's a dirty little secret that's been a boon for treatment clinics, and a bust for everyone else.
Professionally, I would like to think that the real reward is in and of itself the practice of a clean and sober lifestyle and all the riches that come from that.