drug prohibition

NO candidate can say they support civil liberties, equality of rights before the law, and a better world for African-Americans
Cameron Douglas is free! Well, almost free.
Over 1,000 politicians, rock stars, activists and artists are calling for more humane global drug laws.
Last month Congressional Republicans rallied behind an effort to lift a decades-old ban against federal funding for syringe exchange programs.
"It will effectively mean a diplomatic immunity to inject heroin in a safe, secure, passionate environment."
Drug warriors claim that marijuana is a "gateway drug." On the contrary, it is the policy of drug prohibition--not the drug per se--that creates a gateway into a criminal underworld of crime and contaminated products.
This is a critical moment for people who care about psychedelics to bring their voices to the table. The drug policy landscape has changed as quickly as any other issue in U.S. politics over the past few years.
The vice president's fingerprints are all over the failed drug war. What does that mean for his chances in 2016?
President Obama's Task Force on 21st Century Policing, charged with improving police-community relations and reducing crime, has largely overlooked one of the elements most essential to accomplishing this goal: the need to reform drug policy.
The elephant in the room is the powerful tool we already have for preventing opiate related overdose and death by preventing opiate dependence, cannabis.
WASHINGTON -- In a significant blow to the United States' decadeslong war on drugs, House lawmakers voted Tuesday to strip
It's past time to acknowledge the plain fact that students use drugs. Let's make sure they have the education and protections they need to do so safely.
Policing today is focused on enforcing moral behavior, which, regardless of one's opinions about legislating and enforcing personal behavior, has had devastating consequences.
A report published Wednesday in Environmental Science & Technology found that during the outdoor music fest "Spring Scream
America's war on drugs is the world's war on drugs. And the world's war on drugs is codified and dictated by three international drug conventions.
With all of the good intentions in the world, outlawing cigarettes would be just as disastrous as the prohibition on other drugs. Let's imagine what our country would look like if cigarettes became illegal.
The digital age has spawned Silk Road and other black market websites. Silk Road was shut down in 2013 and Silk Road 2.0