drug raids

Those advocating for denying entry to the Central American children cite the tremendous costs involved. And indeed, in our ongoing economic malaise, with deficits continuing to mount and prospects brightening little for America's own youth, how can the diversion of such enormous resources be justified?
A recently retired interim police chief in Seattle replied, "I'm not there yet" when asked by a local reporter whether he could support an end to drug prohibition. As these leaders continue to dither, we will continue to experience a steady stream of exasperating, heartbreaking incidents.
Last July, Burbank weighed in on the issue of police militarization during an interview with the Deseret News. He said he
Last August, the Standard-Examiner ran an editorial in support of Boyack's cause. "Certainly, the use of a battering rams
"The drug unit was also allowed to break the law in order to enforce it [by buying drugs undercover, or with informants]. I
t is ludicrous we waste so much time, energy, manpower and money on marijuana eradication as if it the money flows from a fountain while meth, heroin and child molestation destroy our children.
But few shared that sentiment. Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry told the Arizona Daily Star that the settlement
Over the last several days, the popular online police magazine PoliceOne site has been rolling out a series of opinion pieces
The vast majority of SWAT deployments today are to serve search warrants for drug crimes. HuffPost Investigative Reporter Radley Balko writes that it is time to start drawing down and rolling back police militarization in the United States.
Ultimately, we're unlikely to see any real efforts to reform or rollback police militarization until politicians are convinced
The bullet struck Lavoie in the left side of his chest, then angled down into his abdominal cavity. He'd later die in surgery
Note: The "Raid of the Day" features accounts of police raids I've found, researched, and reported while writing my forthcoming
Sources: "Policeman Indicted in Mistaken Raid Death," Associated Press, April 30, 1987; "Police Search Leads to Fatal Shooting
At about 12:30 am on October 29, 1980, a narcotics task force from the Dallas County Sheriff's Department, and the DeSoto
"I make a decision at that point. My options are, focus on him like this and say, 'Don't move, don't move.' But what happens
Note: The "Raid of the Day" features accounts of police raids I've found, researched, and reported while writing my forthcoming
In the end, the police conducted a volatile, fully armed, nighttime SWAT raid, then shot a man in the chest over consensual
Boston also hasn't been immune to the massive increase in drug raids outside of public housing since the early 1980s. In
A CAMP team rousted a family form their home at gunpoint and shot their dog. A CAMP helicopter chased a nine-year-old girl
Brenda Van Zweitan, 51, was shot and killed during a 2010 drug raid on her home by the Broward, Florida Sheriff's Department