drug treatment

A team of researchers wants to find a better way to help people addicted to methamphetamines.
“This is the start of a big rush reform. Now a big effort is being done to switch the system from punishment to help.”
Safe injection sites are research-backed. Why aren't we talking about them?
Concern over funding for mental health care and drug treatment services is acute enough that even tax-weary Chicago voters
Historically, stigma weighed heavily on individuals struggling with mental illness or drug/alcohol addiction or both. In
Our nation is in the throes of an opiate epidemic that has affected millions and is disproportionately affecting our young
When the treatment center asked the officer to stop, he conspired to have its contract severed, a lawsuit claims.
One of the final stops on my 2,500-mile trek to the Democratic National Convention was Chesterfield County, Virginia. Two
Disclaimer: Drug courts and LEAD programs vary widely between locations so these comparisons are based on general principles
In the last few years, as the consequences of opioid use have become more recognized among whites--so widespread this is now considered an epidemic--reforms for drug policies have finally been considered.