WHAT TRUMP WOULD TWEET, IF HE DRANK: I love Booker's Bourbon! A big, beautiful, HIGH PROOF bourbon made in KENTUCKY, a state
By Cari Romm History has given gin a bit of a bad rap. In 18th-century England, as Eater explains in its history of the spirit
It's not enough for Boston Mayor Marty Walsh to take the stage at the Democratic National Convention and introduce himself
We've all gotten a little bit wild after a few drinks. We've all unleashed the proverbial party animal. The comparison between drunk asshole and wild animal has never been more on point than it is in Ozzy Man's nature video parody.
Living with a toddler is kind of like living with a tiny drunk person.
It is terribly important that we not drink and drive but maybe it's also time to think a bit about the way we drink. The risks of binge drinking are believed by some to make alcohol the most dangerous of drugs. Maybe the message should not just be "Don't Drive Drunk" but "Don't Drunk."
When you stumbled up to me, I was in the middle of a sale. An audience member had enjoyed my silly so much that he felt the need to give me cash in exchange for a souvenir. I love it when that happens, as it helps me provide for my family. You know: pay the mortgage, buy food, that sort of thing.
The effects of lack of sleep and drunkenness are more similar than you may think.
Do sleep deprived or drunk people suck more at building Legos?
1. Only extend invitations to those you actually want to attend. It may not be popular with your enabling mother who bankrolls
The coming Thanksgiving holiday is a time of family, friendship and love. Here is a rather unique story of one special friendship
All my thoughts just keep going round and round inside my head, says Jane, stirring her gin with a pink pinkie, head slumped
Who said hangovers can't be oodles of fun?!
Did you see the YouTube video titled "Drunk Kid Wants Mac and Cheese"? It went viral last Tuesday. Did you laugh at the UConn student demanding his favorite jalapeno-flavored drunk food? Did you think the belligerent, slurring and entitled kid was funny? If you did, let me tell you why you're wrong.
You're not getting served... You're a loser. Working in a bar, an old man working in a bar. What, you couldn't get a real