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Research suggests lower blood alcohol concentration limits and interventions like ignition interlocks can make a big difference.
"Not even the baby Jesus could save him," one Twitter user quipped.
New York State Police arrested 56-year-old Mary Coletti, of Cortlandt Manor, after the crash. Cortlandt Manor is a hamlet
Every day we read about tragedies that result from people driving while under the influence. As long as you continue to believe your reflexes have not been impaired after just three drinks, and you can drive safely, everyone on the road is in danger. It only takes a nano-second for lives to change forever.
Police said Wolfgramm was charged with unauthorized control of a motor vehicle, driving under the influence, prohibitions
When officers arrived at the spot where Campbell was believed to have gone, they found the suspect inside and the alleged
Incredibly, the unidentified driver was able to walk away from the crash site, something that couldn't be said for his car
Barnstable Sgt. Michael Riley said arresting Sheehan was much easier than the usual drunk driver: Officers just walked him
Thirty-seven-year-old Thomas Jeremy Dick, driving a pickup truck, slammed into the back of the van at more than 80 miles