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Research suggests lower blood alcohol concentration limits and interventions like ignition interlocks can make a big difference.
"Not even the baby Jesus could save him," one Twitter user quipped.
New York State Police arrested 56-year-old Mary Coletti, of Cortlandt Manor, after the crash. Cortlandt Manor is a hamlet
Every day we read about tragedies that result from people driving while under the influence. As long as you continue to believe your reflexes have not been impaired after just three drinks, and you can drive safely, everyone on the road is in danger. It only takes a nano-second for lives to change forever.
A Hawaii man faces a slew of charges after allegedly stealing a school bus while drunk and crashing it into a utility pole
A man in Cleveland, Ohio, is behind bars after allegedly shooting his friend who attempted to keep him from driving drunk
Although officials suspect the man may have been drinking, charges haven't been filed. The man got out of his car on his
Police in Barnstable, Ma., arrested Michael Sheehan on Friday night after authorities say he drove past two large signs that
Dick had been seen swerving off the road before the collision, said police, who measured his blood alcohol at almost twice
He apologized through his lawyer. Likely to be charged with involuntary assault and possibly intoxication,Legear has had
An alcohol breath test at the police station registered that there was more than three times the legal limit of booze in
The children were taken into protective custody, the Associated Press reported. Brennan pleaded not guilty to charges of
Sounds like a slam-dunk case for prosecutors. Or does it? This wouldn't be the first time someone with an alleged blood alcohol
Redemption and forgiveness are not freely given or passively obtained -- they are earned and require actions beyond jail times, beyond any financial settlement.
"I'm hoping that the recommendation will include some treatment for my client to address the illness she has," Moxie said
9News reports that Gonzales was driving drunk and hit Jiovanni Tinoco Valdez on his bike, she stopped, got out of her car
"It appears that they were stopped in traffic" and some who had dismounted to chat with friends technically were pedestrians
The deputy confronted the 49-year-old suspect -- who reportedly gave off "a strong odor of alcohol" and had a flushed face
A Sanitation worker was arrested for drunken driving after he smashed his garbage truck into an oncoming car on a Brooklyn