dry shampoo

Being a mom is hands down the hardest job in the entire world, but there is no other job as rewarding. There are days where I wonder how I survive, but one look at my son reminds me.
Choose Wisely: Like any other product in your cabinet, dry shampoos vary widely. Some are formulated for super-oily scalps
DURABLE TOTE We just attended a fall festival in which various mini-pumpkins, gourds and bags of kettle corn were purchased
Stop the stickiness. Spray dry shampoo on the roots of the hair around the face to prevent hair from sticking to your forehead.
This morning between school drop-offs, my four-year-old son and I went grocery shopping. In 30 minutes, with a skip to our cart pushing and just a teensy bit of apple throwing, we got the job done.
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5. Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo, $20 Brought to you by the miracle workers at Drybar, this fresh-scented spray was popular among
What beauty products are always in your carry-on? 1. Facial Mist We like to think of this product as a more stylish alternative
No, really.