Duane Reade

Instead of dealing with Con Ed, Kate Ray took matters into her own hands, went to Duane Reade, and managed to get her ring back herself.
This will be a story about the glories of fatherhood. Let’s get the embarrassing bits out of the way first: I am going into
How sad would an open box of 35 condoms look in my sock drawer until I met someone else? How long would that be? And why do I keep my condoms in the sock drawer? I have two nightstands, for crying out loud.
We're in the heart of beach season, and it's time to replenish our stock of essentials, from sunglasses to sunscreen, books to laptops and everything in between.
The actress filed a $6 million lawsuit in Manhattan federal court against Duane Reade Inc. on April 9. The complaint alleges the company improperly used the star's name and likeness on Twitter and Facebook, without authorization, to promote their brand.
Then an excited young Asian Katie -- dressed warmly in her dark blue Columbia hoodie -- runs up to me because she recognized
“Pharmacies and drug stores, which increasingly market themselves as a source for community health care, send a mixed message
FINANCIAL DISTRICT — So much for no child left behind. A stroller-toting mom who used her 1-year-old son as cover during
In line with my items, I feel good energy from behind the register. This bright-eyed young woman is the source. While making change for the person in front of me, she breaks into song.
The Congressional Budget Office projects that 7 million people who don't get health benefits at work will use the law's health
You see, I got hit. Hard. For the better part of the last week I was forced to remove myself from normal, daily life. I am one of those left flat out by this year's so-called "epidemic." I had a lot of time to think while I lay in a fetal position in my darkened bedroom.
Walgreens has delivered 200 backup generators to stores that lost power because of the storm but about 200 of the 1,400 locations
When the story of Duane Reade's Anthony Cuti is put together with the better-known story of Bain's relationship with a Medicare-defrauding lab testing company, it becomes a tale of two criminal CEOs -- and of the presidential candidate who was involved in choosing them both.
If Pat Benatar is right, and "Love is a Battlefield," then makeup is my war paint. And my artillery is as follows: concealer
Sixteen Duane Reade workers are suing their employer for placing surveillance cameras in the bathroom of the company's Maspeth
Sometimes Brooklyn can just be so...Brooklyn. A Duane Reade on Kent Ave. in Williamsburg didn't want to compete with homegrown
According to the "I'm Boycotting Duane Reade to Save Williamsburg" facebook group, a Duane Reade will be opened on Bedford
An inebriated customer tried to steal the spotlight from former Knicks player John Starks. According to Page Six, The point
Here are some indie pharmacies that are worth going the extra mile for. For years now New York has been rapidly taken over