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Fans no longer give a quack about "Duck Dynasty." Could this be the beginning of the end for "Duck Dynasty?" TV Line reports
Alan Robertson, a preacher and the eldest brother of the "Duck Dynasty" clan, says his family is "encouraged and emboldened
"Don't be deceived," he said in the magazine's January issue. "Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes
For now, "Duck Dynasty" is staying on A&E which will air new episodes of the popular series in January. "Duck Dynasty" will
On Wednesday, Dec. 18, A&E announced Robertson would be "indefinitely" suspended from the reality series. “Everything is
What say you, Glenn Beck? Like Team Jenn and Team Angelina, but with more facial hair. Punctuation is not necessary when
From the creators of "Duck Dynasty," Discovery Channel's "Porter Ridge" takes us out of the swamp and into the hills. Tucked away in the rolling hills of Indiana, far from big city life, this isolated, tight-knit community lives by its own set of rules. The Ridge is a place where a guy can have a yard full of pet grizzly bears, use dynamite recreationally and hold family demolition derbies. The code of life on the Ridge is simple: respect the lord, love your family and watch each other's backs.
In an interview with Parade magazine, the reality star admitted that he and "Duck Dynasty" aren't in it for the long haul
Season 3 of "Duck Dynasty" went out with a bang: A record-breaking 9.6 million viewers tuned in (and 5.5 million adults 18