Police Officers in California came to the rescue after ducklings found themselves stuck in a storm drain.
The orphan birds now being cared for by a National Park Service biologist.
Eric Pelno stepped up to save the fluffy baby birds.
In spite of multiple head traumas that should have served as a warning to me, I never caught on to the actual reason for
For the longest time, all Pikelet And Patty Cakes wanted ... were ducks.
When being a cop is all it's quacked up to be.
"There is no sign of spring more fruitful and heartwarming than fresh flowers or plucky little yellow ducklings," the department
Mom sets her expectations high, and waits for her ducklings to meet the Herculean challenge. The video above was uploaded
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter The lucky little guy looked a bit like a wet hairball with a beak in the beginning