The husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was charged with driving under the influence after a May car crash in California.
Apopka police officer Oscar Mayorga was seen slurring his speech in a bodycam video on Monday.
The House speaker's husband was arrested last month after allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.
The House Speaker's husband, Paul Pelosi, was involved in a collision in Napa County, authorities said.
A representative for the House speaker's office called it a "private matter" and said she was on the East Coast when the incident occurred.
Police say an intoxicated driver rammed his truck into parked cars in southern Germany, shoving the vehicles against buildings and causing some of them to catch fire.
Ruggs was cut by the team after he allegedly drove drunk at high speed into a woman's car, killing her.
Republican Gene Suellentrop was arrested last month for allegedly speeding the wrong way on an interstate.
Brian Kolb later confessed he had four or five cocktails.
The chart-topping musician was arrested after driving the wrong way down a road in Nashville early Thursday morning, police say.