Video from the crash scene in Calabasas shows a man sitting behind the wheel of a smashed car swigging from a bottle after the wreck.
Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw also allegedly told South Carolina police she was a “cheerleader” and a “sorority girl.”
The fiery collision killed a mother, father and teenage son.
The police report noted that Woods had “slow, sluggish” speech, but a breathalyzer test showed no alcohol in his system.
Katelyn Ebner spent a night in jail and months fighting charges, all because of what one attorney calls police "guesswork."
I’ll never forget this experience and thanks to the state of Washington, they’ll never let me forget it either.
The point at which stoned drivers are considered "impaired" fluctuates by state, but if you're found guilty of driving under
These four steps will aid you in making a successful DUI lawyer choice. Stay focused and keep a written log of everything that happens. Don't forget that driving under the influence is NEVER recommended!
Look, let's get real here: Hiring a criminal or DUI lawyer is a topic no one is excited to learn about. Unfortunately, things happen and being prepared as best you can beforehand is the best strategy to reduce your stress in a time of crisis.
"Over the last three decades, progress has been made to help eliminate the devastation caused by impaired driving in Illinois
Those of us who treat these devastating injuries do not want to see more. Please think carefully and work on prevention. And have a safe and happy Fourth of July celebration.