Duke Basketball

Hoops and academics share equal importance for Wendell Carter Jr. and Evina Westbrook.
From July 22 (vs. Argentina in Las Vegas), to August 1 (vs. FIBA Africa zone champion Nigeria in Houston), the USA will play
I often see college coaches speaking out about the NCAA for ridiculous rules and schools who allow students to storm the court. Why not do the same for LGBT folks that live in your community?
This reality is the result of a number of factors. There is the harm that people of faith have done internally to one another
This is the second player the Duke guard tripped this month.
He said the team "knows what it’s like for people to oppose you no matter what you try to do.”
Every CEO should always be their company's CTO. No I don't mean - "Chief Technology officer" - I mean "Chief Talent Officer."
After Duke pulled out a victory over Wisconsin in the NCAA championship on April 6, ending the Badgers' March Madness run
March Madness is great fun, but for me the Easter Season is best expressed by baseball and the new life that comes with opening day.
We were both on the brink of achieving our dreams -- his was a huge, national one, mine was a clichéd, personal one -- but there are threads of similarity in our struggles. However, what makes us different is that he has stopped chasing the ghost of his pre-injury life. I have not.
The men underscore college basketball's role in promoting inclusion.
BATTLE-TESTED Deep runs in March are fueled by great guard play -- just look at last year's champ, Connecticut, who underperformed