Tim Burton's latest movie, starring Danny DeVito, is another reminder of everything the director used to be.
The "Dumbo" star told Ellen DeGeneres one of his kids told him, "Please be a stranger, Daddy!"
The preview harks back to a tender-beyond-belief moment in the original.
I have never seen a show with such temporally uneven acts. But though I'm not sure the intermission, which allows for a scene change, was necessary, I am quite happy that the play defied expectations in this way.
Gleason's was once a mecca for pugilists. But as time wore on and the allure of Las Vegas became greater, there was a decline.2012-02-15-pullquote.jpg
One afternoon in early autumn, just about everybody seemed enthralled by the rise and fall of the 48 hand-carved wooden horses
Believe it or not, the Brooklyn Bridge, as we know and love it, is in danger of being completely overshadowed by a monstrous commercial development.
Each performer had ten minutes to tell a story. Not a rant, not a stand up routine, and, for heaven's sake, not a reading (no notes allowed).