Dunder Mifflin

Kayleigh Brown's bridal shower channeled the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in a big way.
People could not resist comparing the TV show and the movie.
Michael Scott and the rest of the Dunder Mifflin staff spent more time goofing off than they ever did selling paper. So why
Once you read Paul Killebrew's meditative, funny, and often strikingly lyrical work, it is very hard to stop thinking about it. With so much forgettable poetry in the world, this memorable strangeness is a minor miracle.
One way to track that in real-time is via Twitter hashtags. With the volume of Tweets expected during this year's game, brands
Last season on The Office, Steve Carell took his final bow as beloved character Michael Scott and the sun set on an incredible era of comedy for Thursday night TV.
The workers at Dunder Mifflin are always desperate for a distraction from the daily grind, which is one reason they look
For more, click over to the Wall Street Journal. Another question to ponder: will the pages display the classic, recalled
The show's cast has begun work on season eight, and E! Online caught up with some of its stars to see how the James Spader