May is Better Hearing and Speech Month.
Duracell's new "Star Wars" commercial hints at something big.
H/T Adweek "I love you, baby girl." Inspired by the true story of a real military family, the ad shows how a soldier's daughter
The intention behind Tesla's POWERWALL may not only be to escape the fossil fuel era but to also reframe traditional energy governance as a historical fossil that stands in the way of clean energy.
Mills says the goal of the wireless charging stations is to make customers happy. However, Eisenstein said there are always
CORRECTION: This article incorrectly stated that the LG G3, Nexus 5 and various Nokia phones are compatible with the Powermat
Each time the video is shared from their Facebook page, Duracell will donate $1 to Habitat for Humanity Canada, according
The holidays are still special for DeGeneres, who is a long-time supporter of Toys for Tots. In fact, this season, she is brand ambassador for Duracell's 'Power a Smile' program, which donates up to 1 million batteries to Toys for Tots this holiday season.
One of the challenges in a battery-powered world is keeping track of all the cords needed for recharging. Not only storing them, but remembering which cord goes with what device. A number of companies have jumped into the fray to address the issue.
The task of searching for an outlet with which to charge a cell phone may become a thing of the past, that is, if Jay-Z has