Durango, Colorado

Wildfire-prone communities across the West want trees removed from public land, but timber companies aren't turning a profit.
If you felt sorrow for the fate of the Animas River in Southwestern Colorado, please know there are over 5,000 abandoned mines in the Animas river corridor that need remediation. Colorado alone has over 22,000 such mines.
There are so many reasons to protect this land and, yet, the chorus of public voices calling for protection of agricultural lands, recreational areas and cultural and natural treasures apparently means nothing when set against the clamor of industry, and its drive for temporary gain.
I'm not suggesting vacations are a free pass for kids to misbehave. I'm merely saying you should ease up a bit on expectations as a way to maintain some parental sanity on vacation.
These places cater to "graduated" ski bums who want to keep playing hard but might be realizing it's time to earn their turns -- by working, too.
7News reports that the items were found along a 12 mile stretch of Middle Mountain USFS Road, but authorities said that the
Dylan Redwine's father Mark picked up his son at the Durango-La Plata County Airport on Nov. 18, 2012 for a court-ordered
Sydney Spies rose to fame after three professional modeling photos she submitted to her high school yearbook were all rejected
Syfy, which airs movies like Piranhaconda, Bigfoot and Arachnoquake is a division of NBCUniversal, one of the leading media
"If it's going to be in the yearbook anyway, then why should I not be able to have it as my senior picture?" Spies asked
"We basically wanted to let them know that we're establishing a lawsuit, that we're very serious about it and that we are
A 4-foot-long bull snake sought refuge, and possibly warmth, in the engine block of a car that was serviced last month at
DURANGO, Colo. - Two people sustained minor injuries after a single engine Cessna-172D was forced to make an emergency landing
Looks weird, but works a treat. Here's a play by play complete with pictures for you visual learners, like me! < Likewise
The Department of Energy is seeking comments on an initial study to gauge the environmental impacts of installing a photovoltaic
The Colorado Division of Wildlife killed a bear early Saturday morning after it bit a man near the Manna Soup Kitchen, 1100
A few twists popped up in this week's episode of the ongoing serial drama that is the effort to bring Denver TV to Montezuma
Four men broke into a Durango home earlier this month with masks and guns to rob a suspected cocaine dealer of his cash and
ConocoPhillips Co. has agreed to pay a hefty fine and install pollution-control equipment to settle alleged Clean Air Act
The roof of Durango's Iron Horse Inn ballroom/conference center collapsed Thursday morning, under the weight of more than