Durham, North Carolina

Across the country, black and Latino children with special needs are far less likely to graduate than their white peers.
"All of us are here, and we are willing to take whatever responsibility, whatever consequences come along with the removal of that statue."
Thompson and several others face felony charges in wake of Durham, North Carolina protest.
Monday night, a group of about 100 people in Durham, North Carolina threw a rope around the statue of a Confederate soldier
The news continues to be a depressing wasteland. 1. CEOs are stepping down from Trump’s business advisory panels because
"No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!" the protesters chanted as they tore down the statue.
Google Fiber, the Magic Johnson Foundation, Square 1 Bank and American Underground are among the organizations underwriting
While rumors of True Detective's second season ripple across social media, Criminal, the next name to know in radio, has emerged for those still craving that fix for nuanced depictions of crime.
The real tragedy of America's educational system is that both our overall results are so grossly unsatisfactory (our kids rank below average among developing nations) while a good number of schools can thrive using different approaches to education. Demographics are not a determinant of failure. How we teach our children is.
And while Los Angeles' Miguel Atwood Ferguson may not be a household name to many, this talented virtuoso of the new school
If the mention of a summer dance festival and school conjures up Fame-like visions for you -- long-legged lovelies stretching in crowded halls, ragged leg warmers, bare shoulders and naked ambition -- getting to know the American Dance Festival may take a little adjustment.
Sometimes finding locally owned places can be a problem, but not in this part of North Carolina. The area was filled with local, healthy options to try.
There is a fairly healthy lesbian scene in Durham, so healthy that the local Durham magazine lists it as one of the reasons why Durham is "cool." But why is there is no regular scene for queer men here?
It should come as no surprise that much of the national real estate market has been marred by waves of foreclosures, falling
The dynamic gospel duo Mary Mary was invited to open the final three shows for Maxwell's North American summer concert tour