Researchers at Purdue University have used a crawling robot baby to discover that infants are exposed to four times as many airborne microbes than adults.
The new book will focus on "the struggle between a despotic and totalitarian organization [...] and those who believe thought and speech should be free.”
The difference between clean and pristine.
Trucks raise clouds of dust in director Zhao Liang's documentary "Behemoth."
In a building in midtown, only one floor above the aural din that characterizes every New Yorker's existence, the white walls and clean lines of the EFA Project Space (The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts) create an aesthetically pleasing sanctuary for some avant-garde opera.
By Jerry Zezima "That's because they're a pane," I reasoned. "And," Sue continued, "you don't do windows." Looking on the
It takes a minute to realize Wafaa Bilal's photographs of familiar images from the aftermath of the war in Iraq are actually miniature recreations the size of dollhouses.
Patricia Cornwell joins HuffPost Live and discusses her sexuality.
"It's not that I had a plan, but it kind of felt like by saying that, I was allowing that person to have their influence rather than me telling them."
It is time for the Perseid meteor shower, August's illuminating pre-dawn treat for sky gazers. The fiery streaks of dust and sand-sized bits of grit are the sparkling wake residue of comet Swift-Tuttle, last seen in northern hemisphere skies in 1992.
"This is the first time we’ve been able to combine detailed mid-infrared observations of the cool, room-temperature dust
The delay in job safety protections for silica is inexcusable and heartless. It's time for industry opponents to stand down and time for the White House to stand up for working men and women.
Their lives are spent playing on lawns and sleeping on floors and as a consequence often have higher exposures to lawn and garden pesticides and to harmful chemicals in household products that can accumulate in dust. With these common exposures come shared risk.
My doubt, it will turn to dust. And so too my faith. Both proved right or wrong in their ways--either because it's all only dust, or because then we will see face to face. My sin, to dust. My hypocrisy, to dust.
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Wheezing & Sneezing How many times have you or your children been fine before you go to bed, and then you hit the pillow
Dust is a film that examines the inevitability of destruction. Despite our occasional good intentions, we manage to consistently cause problems like the Dust Bowl.