dust storm

The dust stopped Syrian regime airstrikes, but left thousands in war-torn Syria and nearby refugee camps at risk.
On Saturday, KTAR.com reported that the Phoenix area was experiencing its first significant dust storm of the summer. There
Residents in the Phoenix area saw intense storms over the weekend.
After Tom's death in February of 2009, Dan recalled how he and his parents began running across other veterans with "strikingly
Officials with the country's Bureau of Meteorology told the Newcastle Herald the "red wave" spectacle was caused by a combination
The region of Africa between Senegal and Ethiopia has long been subject to severe meningitis epidemics, which research now
Mars is too dry for that, but the thinness of its air allows dust devils to soar, even on their restricted energy diet. Astronauts
As HuffPost reported over the last couple weeks, the Farm Bill that faces renewal in 2012 is a broad piece of legislation
However, Texas isn't the only state that's susceptible to this type of storm. Back in July, an enormous dust storm engulfed
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Agence-France Presse reports that Broken Hill was in "the eye of the storm" on Wednesday. Below are photos from Wednesday's
The Bureau of Meteorology said a big cold front in New South Wales caused severe thunderstorms and gale-force winds, which