dust storm

The dust stopped Syrian regime airstrikes, but left thousands in war-torn Syria and nearby refugee camps at risk.
There were no reports of serious storm-related injuries. Haboobs are defined as “very strong dust and sand storms that move
Residents in the Phoenix area saw intense storms over the weekend.
"What they are suffering from is medically unexplained, but very real," added Rosof. "We need to give it the attention it
(SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOS) The pictures depict a weather phenomenon similar to the haboob -- a massive cloud of dust kicked
The region of Africa between Senegal and Ethiopia has long been subject to severe meningitis epidemics, which research now
Earth may have terrifying tornadoes, but when it comes to dust devils, Mars has us beat. A camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance
On the other hand, farmers who accept certain government subsidies, including direct payments, are currently required to
WATCH: No injuries were reported following the storm. This massive dust cloud is just another product of the Texas drought