dustin diamond

"He had his journey," the "Saved by the Bell" star told Andy Cohen before the reboot airs with the whole gang except Diamond.
He will serve a four-month jail sentence.
In my line of work--stand up comedian--you deal with people who are drinking. As a whole, people are good and can handle their alcohol, but every so often you run into someone who would have done society a favor by staying home.
He played an innocent high school student in one of our favorite ‘90s sitcoms, but now he’s all grown up and apparently stabbing people.
According to TMZ, Diamond, 37, allegedly stabbed a man after getting into an argument late Christmas evening at Grand Avenue
More than 20 years since Bayside closed its doors on the original "Saved by the Bell," Screech is back! Despite all the controversy
JG: How come? JG: Let's be a-holes. She spit one on me and it fell into my shirt. Into it. JG: Remember the episode where
[via TMZ] Dennis Haskins, who played Mr. Belding, principal of Bayside High, told TMZ that he doesn't trust the movie since