Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin Moskovitz has just become one of the biggest Democratic Party super PAC donors.
GiveDirectly has a straightforward approach to helping the world's poorest people: just give them cash, no strings attached
A whole lot of tech's biggest names are regulars at the annual (occasionally drug-fueled) festival in Nevada. Gifting, a
Several Facebook insiders, including early backer Peter Thiel, have been selling shares at a rapid clip. Thiel, who sits
Facebook Inc. co-founder Dustin Moskovitz sold 450,000 shares in the operator of the world’s largest social-networking website
Instead, they say, they view the company as an alternative to email, in-person meetings, physical whiteboards, and spreadsheets
Facebook hacking is out of control. If user privacy and security is not strengthened, then Facebook should issue a bold warning on every page -- just like the cigarette companies do. "Warning! Facebook is not a secure site.
Everyday investors are clamoring to buy a piece of the company, valued at $100 billion, when it debuts on the NASDAQ on Friday