Two giant pandas have arrived in the Netherlands for a 15-year stay in a Dutch zoo as part of China’s “panda diplomacy.”
Two straight, male lawmakers arrived hand in hand to a government meeting on Monday to show support for a gay couple who were brutally attacked on their way home from a night out over the weekend.
Liberal Prime Minister Mark Rutte has been re-elected in the Netherlands, defeating a notorious far-right politician who ran on a controversial manifesto calling for the ‘de-islamification’ of the Netherlands.
The Dutch have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to English skills --and benefit from it enormously. Anyone who remembers
There’s a real art to finding the perfect emoji, image, or GIF to respond to a text. And for Molly Young, there is no better
"Why I do it? That is an easy question," Hardwell told me with a wide grin. As I sat down with one of the world's most recognizable
Hitarget is the market leader among Chinese upstart brands. It is a thorn in the side of a number of competitors. These include
Travelers often struggle to find someone interesting to interview to better understand local issues. I find cabbies are a
The trick in making mobile video is to: Hook users in the first two to three seconds, use quick cuts and close-ups, use oversized
As I stroll down another street with a Dutch name I don't even dare attempt to pronounce, my shoulder jolts forward as an unknown figure breezes by me. I scoff, taking my gaze off the glassy, modern architecture of The Palace District of Amsterdam, and scan ahead at the offender.
I correspond with a lot of prisoners across the USA and this is a message that Kwame Teague, who is doing two life sentences
"It's a low-tech solution to a high-tech problem."
When thinking in stereotypes, the list for what is referred to by 'typically Dutch' would probably look something like this: cheese, dykes, tulips, bikes, wooden shoes, Anne Frank-house, Rembrandt, pot, Zwarte Piet and mills.