dwarf planet

The astronomer who nicknamed the planet "Farout" said he did so because it's both "cool" and "a very-far-out object in distance."
The dwarf planet is new evidence of the long-sought Planet X.
The dwarf planet was reclassified once before in 2006.
Michael E. Brown, a researcher in planetary astronomy at Caltech is a servant of the 24th letter in the English alphabet, forever searching for the next big body in the Solar System, the yearned planet 'X'.
As I was reading about the evidence for the yet-unseen ninth planet, I thought to myself, "Wait a minute. Aren't there already nine planets?" I started listing them off, like you do when you're trying to remember the seven dwarves.
Scientists say they’re getting closer to discovering what they could be.
Mystery continues to surround this odd celestial body.
Ultimately, it does not matter whether Pluto is called a planet or not. People get together, exchange arguments, give new names to the things around them. But Pluto is whatever it is, and has not changed a bit since we demoted it into a dwarf planet.