Days earlier, video of the 9-year-old breaking down over taunts about his dwarfism went viral.
Their combined height was a little less than the previous record holders.
"If you've always had to fight, then you know how to fight and you know how to survive."
Imagine there's nowhere you can go where you are not the curiosity that tempts roving eyes and odd glances. Imagine that your very presence evokes a profile in the imagination of others, which instinctively limits who and what you are.
"This will be an easy way for them to have their entire vocabulary at their fingertips that they can carry with them," Moore
Growing up, we always had a rousing New Year's Eve celebration with our family friends -- sixteen of us at least. In stark
"I wanted to stop telling people what happened to me and I wanted to start showing people what happened to me," Novick said
While the lives of dwarfs may often be typical, dwarfism is not, occurring at a rate of one in every 10,000 births. Because it is rare, the diagnosis can be a surprise to new parents not expecting a dwarf child. But resources are available.
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