dwight howard

"They didn’t change it for me, and I overcame it and won four championships."
No one is better qualified to play "Howard Whisperer" than the Zen Master himself. Phil has taken troubled souls and righted their ships. If Phil could focus Rodman, he can surely strum Howard's sensitive heartstrings.
Now, with no one left to blame, it may be time for Morey to fire himself. The numbers don't lie. Chalking up the amount of team discord, failures per dollar spent and lack of hustle should surely materialize in stats that would demonstrate this team's status as a disaster.
The perennial All-NBA performer is as good as it gets offensively, but equally poor on the other side of the ball.
He needs to get back to doing what he does best.
Speaking of those moments, I wrote a column on James Harden after his 45-point Game 4 performance in the conference finals
"You're either going to fight or not fight," McHale said before his team's 128-115 Game 4 win. When you score 45 points in