Why 'palliative care' can make such a difference, and why so few people get it.
"There's a lingering."
Dr. B.J. Miller tells Oprah what he's learned in his years working with terminally ill patients.
Memorial Service (If you plan to have one): Think about where you'd like for it to be held. Prepare a framed photograph if
Me: Every scientific advance can, and usually does, have harmful, unintended consequences (medical, social, political, economic
Your spirit and joy will live on forever in the hearts of those around you.
Throughout the last few weeks, my family has been trying to mentally prepare ourselves to say goodbye to a major player in
The nurse snickered at my father, who stood with his eyes bulging. "Now remember this only lasts a year, you'll have to come
This fear may seem overly dramatic. I am 38 years old. I'm not overweight. I'm not a smoker. I don't drink excessively or eat poorly. I run three to four times a week. Looking at me, you'd assume I'm quite healthy. And you'd be correct. Sort of.
At the event, vendors displayed their products for trial as well as plenty of hair and makeup options. A nail art booth urged
Dying is hard but hospital beds are fun! From Connie Lawn September, 2016 Hello friends and family. Thanks to your love, patience
Gratitude is a practice. Befriending what we haven’t chosen is also a practice.