Dyke March

There’s no reason why colors can’t be added.
Yesterday, 1,500 people participated in the Dyke March Chicago, and, once again in Chicago, anti-Semitism reared its ugly
It's June and you know what that means, my birthday! Okay, for a good portion of the country and different parts of the world
2014-08-07-20140806KayleighSalstrandsmall.jpgDo you remember your first Pride event? Kayleigh certainly does, along with the impact that participating in Dyke March with her family had on her life.
I see the greatest threat we face coming from the corporate Gay, Inc., agenda, not the participation of any trans person in the event. My visibility is heightened by the solidarity with my trans siblings and neighbors. The march is a space that celebrates and validates all of us, unlike PrideFest.
Gabrielle Korn: So you felt tough. Kelly Cogswell: For at least a moment, you’re part of the majority. And in the Dyke March
In the weeks leading up to the march, there is a wide range of benefit events, with something for everyone. Do you like live music? Are you interested in history? Are you looking for a great party with cute dykes? The NYC Dyke March committee has got you covered.
It's that time of year again, when lesbians all over the world huddle in back rooms, plotting global domination, civilization's end, and their annual Dyke March.
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