dylan davies

Davies defended himself in a Nov. 1 interview with The Daily Beast, claiming that interviews he gave to FBI and State Department
Reporters pride themselves on being skeptical of everything they're told. People lie to us all the time. It's a reporter's job to smoke out the truth, but one of the hardest lies to challenge is when someone is looking you right in the eye and completely making up a story.
The man whose discredited account of the Benghazi attacks has sent "60 Minutes" spiraling into one of the biggest scandals
Days after it apologized for its faulty reporting on the Benghazi attacks, the criticism of "60 Minutes" has not relented
"60 Minutes" issued a brief on-air apology and correction on Sunday for its botched and mishandled report on the Benghazi attacks, but gave few details about the failures that led to its retraction of a piece it had staunchly defended.
"60 Minutes" had some reason to trust Davies, given that he did train Libya guards for the State Department. It's not like
Many media observers pronounced themselves to be less than impressed: Media Matters, which led the charge against the report
Fager said that Davies “denied any knowledge [of the incident report], didn’t’ know it existed.” According to Fager, Davies
In a humiliating retreat from a piece she had staunchly defended, "60 Minutes" correspondent Lara Logan admitted on Friday morning that she and the news magazine had made a "mistake" in their reporting of a controversial story about the Benghazi attacks.
UPDATE: Simon and Schuster, the book company publishing the memoir by Davies that was the foundation of his interview with