dylan roof

Federal prosecutors said Roof drove about 20 miles to Branch AME Church.
Get some lazy news so you can pretend you're woke.
The media and public reactions to the contemporary history of terrorist attacks in the US give the impression that the designation of "terrorist" is exclusively reserved for Muslim or Muslim-born wrongdoers who, regardless of their belief or disbelief in Islam, are treated as the face of the entire Muslim world.
Followers of Jesus have every reason to be afraid but no reason to stay fearful. We have every reason to feel concerned but no justification for being violent. For in Jesus' own words as He was murdered by the state we have a practical response. "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."
Let's use the Charleston anniversary as an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to ensuring that we, as a nation, are doing all we can to fight haters, extremists, and the threat they pose to our communities.
Rev. Dr. Betty Clark is helping Charleston heal and move forward through prayer, faith and forgiveness.