Dylan's Candy Bar

When thinking about some of the great eats in New York City, delis and pizzerias most definitely come to mind. The problem is, you can only have so much pastrami and so many sloppy slices before you begin craving a change of pace.
Jeff Rubin, the CEO and founder of IT'SUGAR - candy and gift retailer with over 80 locations nationwide. Valentine's Day
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Dylan's Candy Bar made you Candy Crush Candies (that sentence made our brains sugar-crash).
How did you fall in love with candy? My parents [Ricky and Ralph Lauren] screened Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory at
That's one smokin' hot DJ! Solange Knowles hit the ones-and-twos last night at the Splendid store opening in New York City
The store's offerings have expanded far beyond candy -- Lauren has established a lifestyle brand and offers candy-themed
A few details about the dress were made known before the wedding, including that Ralph consulted Vera Wang for help on the