Dylan's Candy Bar

When thinking about some of the great eats in New York City, delis and pizzerias most definitely come to mind. The problem is, you can only have so much pastrami and so many sloppy slices before you begin craving a change of pace.
I didn't always know I would end up in the candy business, but I definitely knew I wanted to be in retail. It all started
Photos by Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves. Gingerbread houses have their place -- at the kids' table and in our childhood
Dylan's Candy Bar made you Candy Crush Candies (that sentence made our brains sugar-crash).
Dylan Lauren -- founder of Dylan's Candy Bar, the boutique chain of playful confectioneries soon to pop up in airports -- talks
Solange Knowles hit the ones-and-twos last night at the Splendid store opening in New York City showing some serious leg
"I definitely love art. My whole family is artistic. My dad's a designer, my brother's a filmmaker, my grandfather was a
Dylan poses for the August issue of Vogue, in which Andre Leon Talley chronicles every last detail of her nuptials, down
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