Lawmakers say the e-cigarette company paid tens of thousands of dollars to get access to children, although it claims it was trying to conduct health education efforts.
“I’m sorry for them and have empathy for them and the challenges that they’re going through,” said Kevin Burns.
The hometown of Juul Labs it taking a hard-line stance against vaping.
Even Mitch MConnell, from the big tobacco growing state of Kentucky, has pushed for a federal bill to do the same.
E-cigarettes, which are the most common tobacco product among youth, are included in the underage ban.
The Senate majority leader appealed to farmers in his home state to grow more hemp.
Companies like Juul may have to pull their flavored products from California retailers.
William Eric Brown suffered a stroke after the exploding e-cigarette severed his carotid artery.
An "astonishing" uptick in teens’ use of e-cigarettes helped drive the proposed rules, said FDA chief Scott Gottlieb.
The ban aims to counter a surge in the teenage use of e-cigarettes.
The tobacco company is pushing e-cigarettes instead, in what anti-smoking advocates are calling a "P.R. stunt."
"The reality is they also carry long-term risks to the health of users and those around them."
Study results cast doubt on the potential for e-cigarettes to work as a smoking cessation aid.
Jan. 7, 2016 -- A report on e-cigarettes released at the end of last year by the US Surgeon General's office shows a number