Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have come and gone, but we've still got Green Monday.
We get that you probably have enough emails to sort through, let alone 30+ retailer emails. But these mailing lists usually
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We just saw the largest online shopping day in U.S. history.
So it begs the question, why are companies still entrusting their eCommerce platform to an on-premise solution? In what I
Technology, smartphones, and wireless connection nearly everywhere have no doubt coincided with the growth of the e-commerce
More than ever, it has become easier than ever for small business and companies to improve the way they communicate and serve
The African Fashion scene has continued to grow tremendously over the years with an industry potential worth billions of dollars. As we experience the rise of new designers, retailers, tech entrepreneurs and path finders changing the face of the fashion industry, there's no doubt that Africa's economy has beamed more light on the immense opportunities evident in this industry while attracting possible long-term investments for its growth.
The most controversial thing to happen to the taxi industry was Uber's introduction of dynamic (surge) pricing. The premise was simple: we are already used to paying based on demand when buying airline tickets, so why should car rides be any different?
For all of the amazing conveniences that online shopping offers, the customer is still one step removed from physically seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling or touching the actual product. Personalizing the shopping experience engages the human senses in ways that are essential to making any purchase decision.
This year promises some amazing keynotes, sessions and networking opportunities. So how can you pick just the cream of the crop? In the end, it depends where your brand sits today and their goals for tomorrow, but as usual I took the time to pick my top 3 Must Attend's.
Five or 10 years ago, a hiring manager encountering a job prospect with a "digital marketing degree" might have wondered what diploma factory the candidate visited online to score that quirky credential. But like everything internet-related, things change -- and quickly.
World's biggest retailer Originally launched over a year ago, Amazon's second annual Prime Day on July 12th was the biggest
Magento 2 has generated a lot of buzz in the eCommerce world. It is not just a product update, rather a comprehensive rewrite of code. The code base of Magento 2 is very modular and has been updated to use current technologies, building on Magento's open source heritage.
KK: Anything else you think folks should know about SaaS eCommerce? RP: SaaS eCommerce can be one of the greatest ways to
In this "Age of the Customer," where mobile devices keep getting faster, smarter and more ubiquitous, the retailer needs to be innovative. With the power of digital commerce not just on their laptops or desktops but literally in the palm of their hands, consumer expectations have risen through the roof.
Unfortunately, like many companies, they are starting to feel the effects of an aging eCommerce platform. As they grow, technical challenges are starting to impede innovation and time-to-market needs.