Fox's offbeat costume party eliminated the off-key contestant in a battle against Flower, Penguin and Fox.
"Fourth of July, you know, that's our bird. I can't let it sit there."
Since its 2009 delisting, the nation's bald eagle population has steadily increased, and now numbers more than 143,000 individuals. At the same time, data suggest golden eagle populations are stable but may gradually decline, heightening the importance of managing that species more protectively.
"It's a low-tech solution to a high-tech problem."
"This is the last thing a small bird sees when a wedge-tailed eagle decides that you are dinner."
A photographer in Alaska snapped the photo of a lifetime when a bald eagle snatched a seagull and was in turn attacked by
Timing is everything in the Amazon rainforest. So when wildlife photographer Jeff and I heard that there was a harpy eagle nest near the Refugio Amazonas jungle lodge, we knew that we had a narrow window of opportunity to see these rare birds caring for their young.
Organized by Freedom Conservation to raise awareness for endangered birds of prey, the eagle’s journey is said to have been
From Mother Nature Network's Jaymi Heimbuch: Bald eagles are making headlines again, as proven by NPR's recent story about
It made for a touching story. His name was Alex, he was 9, and he was dying of leukemia. He moved to Gypsum, Colo., to spend
In the history of humankind, only one person has a bio that includes "first on the moon": Neil Armstrong. And was he ever the right person for the job!
"The eagle couple claimed a lamppost across the street from my house," she said. "They will come over and sit on my porch
Anyone other than me remember the last time the Eagles faced the Seahawks in prime time? Does 42-0 on Monday night football in week 13 of 2005 ring any bells?