eagles of death metal

“I truly am sorry. I did not mean to hurt anyone or cause any harm," said Jesse Hughes, who sparked outrage with inflammatory comments about the Parkland teens.
Many former fans say they’re done supporting the Eagles of Death Metal after frontman Jesse Hughes’ hate-filled tirade against the Parkland shooting survivors who organized the March for Our Lives.
I love your music, your concerts mostly (such fun, wild shows) and man I never thought that you would become one of those spreaders of fear. Fox, Trump, all those guys.
Eagles of Death Metal completes the show that began at the Bataclan.
Two months after a group of terrorists opened fire at an Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris, killing 89 people and injuring
What a weird, often sad, poignant year 2015 has been in pop culture. It was the year of Bill Cosby's demise, Taylor Swift's continual rise, the emergence of Caitlyn Jenner, and the unstoppable power of the force.
They joined U2 on stage for an emotional performance.
"That might just be the most awful thing ever -- them just relentlessly shooting into the audience."
"People were playing dead, they were so scared," lead singer Jesse Hughes said.
They are "united by a common goal of love and compassion."
I was lucky enough to spend half of my twenties studying film and working with the great French filmmaker, Eric Rohmer, in Paris. As Victor Hugo says, "if you study in Paris, you are born again there."
Sebastien was held at the Bataclan for two and a half hours.