early childhood development

All of these were marketing bunk, not unlike Lumosity's over-hyped "brain-training" for adults. Clearheaded studies refuted
The economic impacts go far beyond the individual and family, for low and middle-income countries, the lost economic opportunity of continuing to allow millions of children to suffer from stunting, inadequate stimulation and care could be as much as twice what these countries spend nationally on health.
By Sarah Brown, President of Theirworld   Five things are needed as part of a child's basic care: good nutrition, health
As protracted crisis becomes the norm and the average refugee is displaced for 17 years, humanitarian assistance and the
How do you mobilise people behind social programs? Some topics are easy - pretty much everyone's concerned about small children
How might the prevalence of stunting be reduced? For a start, high-level leadership committed to addressing the issue at
'The core concept is that we work with parents who want to help their children succeed, and that's a universal concept. It's
What Can Be Done • Improve Comprehensive Early Development and Learning Opportunities: Reauthorize and expand Early Head
How should we train for the Health Olympics in future generations? It took us over sixty years to go from being one of the world's healthiest nations to today's dismal showing. There is no quick fix.
Sadly though, the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding remain unrealized in many parts of the world. Just one in five children
Not all children are created equal. My daughter is 11 months old. She is not crawling or standing. I am worried. What do
This year, one billion children around the world will experience a form of violence and around 200 million children will
It's a painful reality that too many children in our country face challenges beginning at birth. During a recent visit to
Poor teacher-preparation programs may help explain the spotty record of preschool effectiveness.
Lifesaving nutrition interventions are made more effective by early childhood development efforts such as care and stimulation
This is an urgent need that must be attended to, not only for our own children, also for those children we can reach and impact. Africadarian is the best model to refer to in order to effect this long lasting change.The ancient proverb that 'It takes a village to raise a child', is more relevant in this case.
As a child I hated not being allowed into the segregated library in my hometown. But I am honored and grateful that today the Marlboro County Public Library -- the Marian Wright Edelman Library in Bennettsville, SC -- provides a panoply of early childhood and adult literacy programs.
Room to Grow is a nonprofit organization that impacts the lives of families raising babies in poverty from newborn to age