early childhood education

The landmark show's legacy is alive and well in 2018.
Children from low-income households are shut out from rigorous educational activities that set them up for future success.
In Santa Barbara County, the fires and mudslides are among the worst disasters in county history.
Of course, the age-appropriateness of everything is kept in mind.
The war on marijuana has turned thousands of children into the walking wounded.
In the throes of your toddler’s rage, it’s perfectly healthy to wonder whether you’re observing normal childhood behavior
Simon Shelton was a ballet dancer and choreographer before he was cast on the show.
Facing the future with trepidation in the age of Trump.
There is a difference between striving to do our very best for our children, and striving for perfection.
But it’s something eerily similar.
By Carolyn Jones As schools nationwide take on the most comprehensive overhaul of science standards in 20 years, a school
Here's a sneak peek at what's on their wish lists.
Because all kids deserve to see themselves in the pages of a book.
Teachers at a Beijing school allegedly forced children to take pills, jabbed them with needles and made them strip naked.
Kim Nassoiy, UCF Forum columnist I work in a field where play reigns supreme. I’m an early childhood educator. I have studied