early menopause

By Stephanie Faubion, M.D. Stephanie Faubion, M.D., is medical editor of Mayo Clinic The Menopause Solution and director
It's not surprising then that I had some anxiety around menopause and aging. Especially when the Merriam-Webster dictionary
Which comes first -- stress or failure? We need more research to know for sure, but if you have been feeling "stuck" in your personal and/or professional life, and you just can't seem to pivot to the next phase, talk to your doctor about these tests. They just might uncover the reason.
The risk of heart disease doubles for women who have their ovaries removed at a young age, Poynor said. Removing the ovaries
Women exposed to high levels of the chemicals found in plastics, common household items and yes -- makeup, experience menopause
Women pride themselves on being prepared. The sisterhood is so prepared and open when it comes to childbearing and child rearing. From pregnancy to college applications, my friends and family were always full of support.
What else it might be: The jalapeños you had at dinner—no joke. Night sweats have so many causes, they’re practically unavoidable
There needs to be more support for women like me: relatively young, childless not by choice and facing cancer or some other life-impacting disease; women like me who ache every time they see a stroller or hear the delicious laugh of an infant.
Sometimes fertility and menopause clash when a woman has not had a baby and is either still looking for a partner or requires treatment that propels her suddenly into menopause.
A Test To Pinpoint Menopause? One day it may be possible to find out if you're genetically predisposed to early menopause
Compared with them, Asian and Hispanic women were significantly less likely to experience the same symptoms. Hot flashes
Even so, a list of phthalate-free cosmetics and other products can be found here. "Early menopause has a lot of impact on
I learned that if I'm grateful to be here, I have to accept the consequences of what it took to save me.