early retirement

Could you come up with 25 times your yearly expenses?
Some laughingly call it a cult. They also swear it's the path to early retirement.
Farnoosh Torabi, the host of the So Money podcast, introduces you to a couple who will inspire you to rev up your retirement savings.
Or is it just that people who retire early do so because of pre-existing health conditions?
Setting Aside the Proper Amount of Funds In order to really meet your retirement goals, make sure you start viewing the nest
Early retirement may seem like an impossible dream for many -- but it doesn't have to be. Early retirees can begin collecting
Retiring early -- or leaving the work force for the golf course, if you like -- might sound like an unattainable goal. That's especially true if you look at the challenge from a pure cash paradigm. But there are many ways to make it, so long as you take numerous approaches into account.
3. You will be able to cover your medical expenses, since you will not qualify for Medicare until your full retirement age
There's a new trend in the tech field and it involves entrepreneurs enjoying early retirement. While the idea certainly sounds appealing, it's not something that happens by chance. It takes careful strategizing and you'll need to make a plan.
That work penalty goes away at age 66, not when you retire early and try to supplement your income with some part- or full
Sooner or later every business owner wants to retire or just sell his business. For a business owner this is a huge life event. Some are very sure of their decision, while others can be hesitant.
With enough income-producing assets, like stocks and rental property, your savings should easily outlive you. Finding the
There it was, flickering on my Apple Cinema monitor: I was that 1 boomer in 3 with NO real retirement plan. I was totally busted. My head spun, and in the next few minutes, I went through all five stages of the Kübler-Ross grief model.
An understanding family If you have a significant other, he or she had better be on board with this new lifestyle. Otherwise