early vote

I voted early, and I voted for Hillary Clinton. I brought my daughter with me. The joy I felt at casting a ballot for this wonderful, qualified, first woman president momentarily made me forget about all the pain and ugliness of this election. I felt like a powerful mom, indeed.
Clinton herself or a top surrogate has been in Florida just about every day since early voting started last week.
Pollsters don't typically report their expected turnout, but any number of polls are showing Democratic candidates doing better among registered voters than likely voters. The higher the turnout, the more the electorate will look like profile of registered voters, which could be decisive for who wins Iowa and Senate control.
Virginia early voting turnout data point in a similar direction as the polls that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is doing substantially better than the Democratic ticket did four years ago.
Pew reports today that among people who say they already voted, Obama has a 19 point lead. That's not a small cohort, either.