early voting

Republicans have appealed to the state supreme court, claiming only "Democrat-leaning" counties plan to hold early voting this Saturday.
Drop boxes for voters to deposit their ballots in the midterm elections are becoming hot topics.
The Republican governor, who is up for reelection, has made tightening election laws a top priority over the last two years.
Virginia Democrats have aggressively expanded voting rights. Now they're warning that progress, and even basic democracy, are under threat if the GOP wins November's governor's race.
The new law, which could remove tens of thousands of people from the state’s Permanent Early Voting List, is the latest Republican effort to restrict the vote.
Most of the changes to the bill are in response to complaints from rural jurisdictions about election administration reforms.
Both parties have agreed to changes that voting rights advocates in the Bluegrass State have “been fighting for for years.”
Trump’s election lies inspired new voter restrictions that could be nullified if Democrats pass the For The People Act.
The GOP is pushing new voter restrictions nationwide, but most Americans want more time and more options to cast their ballots, a new poll finds.
Raphael Warnock has made history and will be the first Black U.S. senator representing Georgia.