early voting

U.S. District Judge James Peterson said the case for blocking the new restrictions wasn't even close.
Democrats say they plan to pass measures Monday that would establish an early voting period and pre-register 16- and 17-year-olds.
Gov. Scott Walker (R) on Friday signed a law that capped early voting at two weeks.
Democrat Stacey Abrams isn’t backing down from her campaign for governor against Republican Brian Kemp.
Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib helped flip the House as the first Muslim women in Congress.
‘We’ve never seen this level of engagement this early in the early voting period.’
The suit says the lack of early voting is illegal because nearby cities with more white people and fewer young people have more locations.
Republican Sen. Dean Heller and his Democratic opponent, Rep. Jacky Rosen, are in a dead heat as early voting begins.
The singer urged her 112 million followers to vote with a patriotic pedicure.
The state is seen as one of the most progressive in the country, but lawmakers have been unable to change archaic laws that make it more difficult to vote.
The Trump administration wants to restrict access to the ballot box, but Sanders once sued to overturn a ban on student voting.
The state's most populous county leans Democratic. Republicans have fought to constrain early voting there for the past decade.
The opinion blasted state officials for creating an unconstitutional "secondary class" of voters.
Democrats in Texas have turned out in massive numbers for early voting.
Election officials have figured out how to keep voting lines down, but communities of color are still waiting longer to vote.
Meanwhile, a Republican-friendly county has had no problem doing it.
The map I've outlined is not favorable to Trump. If Clinton wins Colorado and Nevada, Trump must win every battleground state and pick up a blue state. That's a tall order.
Lampe also thinks people are underestimating women voters, noting the ballot is dominated by female candidates. Kevin Lampe
But don't let that deter you from casting your ballot on Tuesday.