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"African Americans in Ohio are more likely than other groups to utilize EIP voting in general and to rely on evening and
Ohio voters will no longer be able to take part in early voting on Sundays or weekday nights, according to hours set by Secretary of State Jon Husted.
In a release on the "fair and uniform voting hours," Husted explained the goal of cutting back on opportunities for early
Ryan Grim, Dan Froomkin and Jennifer Bendery contributed reporting In Miami-Dade county, where a swollen line forced Saturday's
Iowa Votes: 614,000 Democrats: 43 percent Republicans: 32 percent Colorado Votes: 1.6 million Democrats: 35 percent Republicans
Indeed, the line can be breathtaking at first sight. Starting from the tail end, it runs for about a block, then around the
HuffPost reader Lea McBooth sent the following photos from Cleveland: HuffPost reader Ethan Geiling sent this photo from
More than 800,000 people have already voted in the 2012 general election. A clearer picture of the potential 2012 electorate is emerging in some states where election officials are providing information on who has voted.
In 2008, roughly 30 percent of all ballots cast were early. Of those, nearly 60 percent favored Obama. But perhaps its biggest
During the bruising Republican primary battle, Romney's focus on early voters in Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin helped