earned income tax credit

A proposal from Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.) would upgrade the Earned Income Tax Credit. The odds against it remain high.
New research highlights the high stakes of economic inequality, and its particular impact on women.
But J.D. Scholten says he does not yet have plans to run for office again.
Their new tax bill lavishes breaks on businesses that underpay what they owe.
A key tax credit for working people is being singled out for "fraud."
Republicans favor new restrictions on the earned income tax credit.
If someone told you that you may be one of the more than five million Americans missing out on as much as $6,269 in your
Today, one in five American children lives in poverty. We can't afford that. While many people born in humble circumstances
My conclusion: You can't talk seriously about poverty, inequality or opportunity in America without addressing the growing
While the recent rise in poverty may be attributed to poor economic growth policies during the Obama Administration, the sustained high rates of poverty over the past 50 years are striking evidence that it is time for new approaches to support economic success.
As parents and as policymakers, we cannot afford to let poverty determine the future of another generation of children. It is critical for policy to address this problem, and the Young Child Tax Credit is an important step in the right direction.
Since the dawn of modern American political history, conservatives have railed against the left for supporting social welfare. America's welfare programs, so the story goes, create cultures of dependency that weigh down the economy. Who caused this tremendous burden on the U.S. taxpayer?
This past weekend, my staff and I went to Bakersfield and spent an afternoon helping folks prepare their income tax forms. I was there with the CalEITC4Me bus tour, which was stopping in Bakersfield before heading on to other Central Valley cities.
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There are a number of considerations to take into account regarding military personnel's taxes and most of them result in a bigger, and well deserved, tax refund; however, some are complicated and take some strategizing to use to your advantage.
Besides providing additional income, the EITC provides a financial incentive for workers to stay employed and increase their earnings. According to recent studies, EITC provides significant work, income, educational and health benefits to its recipients and their children.
Even the esteemed Republican "with a big R" Mr. Milton Friedman the legend, turned to socialism when it came to promoting the general welfare and securing the blessings of freedom to ourselves and our children. It's why our Founding Fathers established the US Constitution.