Earth Guardians

Twenty-one teenage climate change activists have sued the United States, President Obama, and several federal agencies, for the government's actions that have caused carbon pollution, climate destabilization, and violations of their constitutional rights.
Those most affected by the decisions we make now regarding climate are the generations that cannot vote.
2) Given that youth and children literally are the future we all speak of, we must bring those voices to the table to hear
To raise the presence, voice, and participation of youth in the UN House (as well- to tap into indigenous wisdom through native story-telling) during this important Paris Climate Change Conference, we have written and produced a youth-centered film, based on a powerful Incan Story of Creation.
"We have a moral obligation to leave a healthy planet for future generations."
Through a variety of demonstrations and projects -- including an eco hip-hop duo that he created with his younger brother
Voters in the city's neighboring Longmont have already approved a fracking ban, but the state has also sued Londmont over
This November, against all odds, the town of Longmont, Colorado, passed the first Fracking ban in CO. In support of the citizens of Longmont and to inform and encourage other communities in Colorado, Be the Change held a rally and performance event.
Many of us fail to recognize that we can all be heroes. Youth such as Sean and Xiuhtezcatl took what they had and made a positive difference with it, thereby epitomizing a hero.