earth like planets

The Earth-like planets are the first ones found orbiting an ultracool dwarf star.
Let's take a look at one of the most intriguing of the 1,739 confirmed exoplanets that is both Earth-sized and in the habitable zone of its star. Known only by its catalog number, Kepler-186f, it has no name yet, but we know quite a bit about it already.
However, it's unclear at the moment just how much Gliese 832c resembles Earth. Indeed, its discoverers think the newfound
Twenty years ago, we knew nothing about any other worlds outside of our solar system. Now, we've discovered the Milky Way
"We can put 80 times more water on a super-Earth and still have its surface look like Earth," Cowan said in a statement. 9
Scientists also need to determine the completeness and reliability of Kepler's discovery system, among other things, and
The spacecraft needs three functioning reaction wheels to stay locked onto its 150,000-odd target stars. Kepler had four
Red dwarfs are small, faint stars about one-fifth as massive as the sun and up to 50 times dimmer. They are the most common
NASA's Kepler space telescope has discovered three exoplanets that may be capable of supporting life, and one of them is perhaps the most Earth-like alien world spotted to date, scientists announced today (April 18).