earth week

The symbols on plastic items don’t necessarily indicate whether or not you can recycle them. Here’s what you need to know.
And the number one greenest state is ...
Here are some of our favorite times the small screen went green in support of the environment.
These astonishing facts will make you rethink every piece of plastic you use.
This people-powered gym is harnessing human energy to power itself and the local grid.
This people-powered gym is harnessing human energy to power itself and the local grid.
When it comes to my boy's -- and my patients' -- health, I always take the better safe than sorry approach. Exposure to toxins in foods, cleaning products or other areas can have long-term effects on the developing child.
In New York City, our coastline, growing population and aging infrastructure put us on the front lines of the climate battle, which poses challenges to our future prosperity and quality of life.
While my friends' moms were making gourmet soups from recipes in store-bought cookbooks, I watched my mom chop k'nubel (garlic) for p'tcha, a jellied meat dish made from calves' feet.
For Christians, caring for God's creation should be a priority. It is not just a matter of science or politics, but an indication of our worship and praise of the Creator.
Ys, on Earth Day and throughout Earth Week, we should all think big and call on our leaders in Washington and in statehouses to make a serious commitment to meaningful environmental leadership. But we cannot let the big be the enemy of the small.
I could list a hundred -- no, a thousand -- small things that we could all do today to stop the climate change train-wreck from happening. But will we actually do them?
Here at HuffPost Green, we know how important it is to pay attention to the world around us. But between keeping up with
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The EPA explains that one kWh is, on average, equivalent to just over 1.5 pounds of CO2 emissions. Note that "energy efficiency